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I love introducing new voices to Tashtastic. Here you can learn a little more about this talented bunch:

Emily Gunn

Emily Gunn is a 27-year-old freelance writer/journalist living out the lockdown with her yoga mat and vegan cookbooks in rural Essex. Before isolation, she had experimented with various occupations: location management for movies, au pairing in the outback, event management in the city, resulting in her most recent devotion to film writing shown in her weekly personable and witty reviews.

If you want to know more, please visit her website at, where you can sign up to receive an email week by week of her movie reviews.

Instagram: emilygunny
Twitter: itsnotthatbori

Majella Mark

Majella Mark is a researcher and artist who has conducted numerous social justice workshops such as “The Wakanda Workshop”, addressing racial inequalities using Marvel’s “Black Panther” as a cultural reference and the “Pvssy Plate Painting Party” to address gender inequalities and the objectification of the female body inspired by Judy Chicago’s art piece, “The Dinner Party”. With her sister Sherrie Mark she founded the creative house Met God, She’s Black that consists of a podcast, online community, events, art activism and collaborations.

Luke Tetsill

Luke Tetsill is a 25 year old graduate working for Leeds City Council. His life hasn’t changed much as a result of isolation, and he is largely enjoying lockdown by playing a wide variety of video games, and trying a wide variety of takeaways and beers with his flatmates. Always interested in talking about art, history, gaming and politics he can be found on instagram at Luke_Tetsill

Frank Waterton

Frank Waterton is an artist who works as a librarian for the Society of Antiquaries of London and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Based in Surrey, his practise predominantly focuses on landscape painting and plays with the textural abilities of paint. Working for two of London’s leading specialist libraries in art and archaeology, Frank oversees the day to day handling of the collections in both institutions and has curated displays and overseen workshops for the V&A’s Friday Lates.To find out more about his artistic practise find him on Instagram at: frankwaterton. And visit the Society’s Instagram and Twitter to discover more of their collections: socantiquaries

Jessica Jenkinson

Jessica Jenkinson is a postgraduate student studying Building History at the University of Cambridge and is enthusiastic about history, art, and literature. She works as an Assistant Heritage Consultant for Purcell in the east of England but has previously worked in galleries based in York and Leeds. Fascinated by all aspects of the built environment, she loves nothing more than hopping on a train to visit towns, cities, and villages to spot interesting features that help tell the story of a place. She especially loves visits with friends and places where coffee and cake is readily accessible. In her free time, she enjoys watching films in Edwardian luxury cinemas, baking, swimming, and pursuing her new lockdown hobby of gardening. Jessica occasionally posts on her Instagram account: jessie_jay

Sam Berlin

Sam Berlin is a Londoner who recently graduated in history of art and english. When he’s not in a state of general indolence, he likes to cut out pictures of unappealing-looking food from 1980s cookbooks. His other interests include puppetry, politics and silhouettes.

Tara Griffin

Tara Griffin is a masters graduate from the museum studies team at Kingston School of Art. Her practice spans photography, poetry, language studies, performance, and anything else she feel really. She focuses a lot on the themes of phenomology and psychogeography, mostly through the exploration of domestic spaces, London, palimpsests, and museums. Having done her undergraduate in Creative Writing she is really interested in narratives and, unrelatedly, she really likes pigeons. 

You can visit her website to discover more about Tara and her work at

Cathryn Goddard

Cathryn is a freelance writer based in London.  With a degree is Contemporary Performance Art, the galleries and exhibitions of the Capital have long been her second home.  When not drowning in words or being dragged from Museums, Cathryn is normally found reading, or fan-girling over her dog, Bertie. 

Picture things @crgoddardwrites

Amy Spaughton

Amy is a Master’s graduate in Social Anthropology at Edinburgh but has recently returned to her humble hometown in South London. She originally studied Archaeology but eventually decided to pursue a vocation that involved more time inside. Despite this, she still misses the dead things and pretending to be Indiana Jones. She is a writer and poet and is currently working as an editor for a publishing house. She has previously tried her hand working at museums, galleries and filmmaking. She loves to travel and generally finds herself in a youth hostel somewhere in the world at some point during the year. She has a blog in which she displays her poetry and writes articles about everything from the history of art therapy to tips to have a more sustainable period. You can check out her blog here:

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